Okay, so how do ‘Virtual Races’ work?  


1. Select a race

Take on any of the challenges, remember you can run, walk, run/walk, cycle or get around in the way that’s best for your ability. You can even take on more than one challenge if you like.


2. Submit your evidence

Submit your evidence via the online form.

You can send the evidence as a screenshot from an app, your watch, your laptop or even a photograph of your treadmill results.

There’s also a second evidence submit button if you want to send us a selfie for the website and Facebook group.


3. Sit down, put those feet up and wait for your medal

As soon as your evidence is received I’ll press some keys on my laptop, log it in a spreadsheet and send you your medal. 

Turnaround in the UK takes around 4-5 days, but don’t worry if it’s longer, sometimes Royal Mail have bad days.

For my international TeamVRC members, it often takes a little longer, depending whether there’s fog or snow at Heathrow airport – we don’t cope very well with weather in the UK! 


PS: While you’re waiting for your medal to arrive, think of how you’re going to photograph it, display it and show it off to anyone who stands still for a few seconds, because we want to see it in a photo in the Facebook group and on Instagram with the #TeamVRC tag as soon as you have it.

PPS: All medals are unique and made to order, so are only available here. These are not off the shelf medals.