'Before finding #TeamVRC I was always clock watching, trying to be like I was as fast as I was before kids. Now I don’t even run with a watch! What I’m trying to say is “love you”!!!!'


'This is a great group, after almost 6 months off running due to an injury it's giving me more motivation, along with friends, to get me back running.'


The Facebook group is great. When I post about running to my friends I get snide comments, because they don't care. The #TeamVRC guys are encouraging and awesome.


'It didn't occur to me until now that I am a club runner, it's just that I'm a virtual club runner.'


No matter what you achieve, how short the distance or slow the pace, everyone appreciates that you have achieved something.


There is nobody looking down on you. Whether you run a mile or a marathon, we'll cheer you on just the same.


#TeamVRC is my favourite place on Facebook. I'd been spending less time on Facebook until I joined the group


#TeamVRC members are wonderfully funny, inspiring and just a genuinely friendly bunch.


It's so nice to be a part of a "club" without the pressure of having to go to club nights, or run certain routes/distances, you just do what you want when it suits.


Having a plan has really helped me focus! I'm even a day early on my 5 miles as I'm working tomorrow. I wouldn't have a plan if I hadn't joined this group!


I'm a member of many groups on FB and can honestly say I've never contributed to a group as pleasant and helpful as this one..! I think most people here are running for 'fun' or have a modest goal and it's so nice to see helpful comments on every post rather than 'I'm better than you' comments. Thank you to Catherine for creating and looking after this group. Long may it stay a comfortable place to hang out.


I've loved reading all the posts over the last few days, some amazing achievements and great photos, this group is great and keeps you connected to that motivation - love it ?


Just wanted to say thank you to the group, I'm a limp starter whose enthusiasm can dwindle with any distraction; TV, chocolate, pain, but this has helped me many times. Cannot thank you all enough. 


I have been converted in to a running addict, all through a work running group. One person who gave up their time to lead this group was Catherine. Her enthusiasm (and mick taking) during the sessions was great. Everyone wanted to bounce around as easily as she did and listen to her blow her whistle as much as she possibly could!


Love the Facebook group thanks for having me Catherine it's making such a difference to my health and wellbeing. #TeamVRC rocks!


The Facebook group is fabulous! For a beginner runner, like me, it has been so beneficial


Really good online running group for any ability / distance. Very welcoming and lots of tips, encouragement and support. Check it out!


The support of the group really helps. Non-running friends don't really understand the same.