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Virtual Races with #TeamVRC

Christmas Jumper Medal – Virtual Running RaceChristmas Jumper Medal - Virtual Race

We all know how hard it is to stay motivated over the Christmas period, which is why I thought this fun challenge might help kick our backsides, outside.

As always, it’s ‘your race, your rules‘. You choose whether you’re going to pledge 10k 

or 20k. You also decide when you’re going to do it – in one go or over a few weeks – the only catch is it has to be during December 2017.

On receipt of your proof I’ll send you this cute, unique, limited edition medal. Enter here.

As always, 5% of the profits go to The Pituitary Foundation, a small charity in Bristol, UK.

How does a virtual race work?

Around the World in 80K – Virtual Race Challenge

Pledge to run, run/walk, or walk 80k, anytime from 1st September 2017 to 31st January 2018. It’s okay, keep reading, you can definitely do it. 

Around the World in 80K #TeamVRC Virtual Race

To celebrate the diversity of the #TeamVRC Facebook group this medal takes on some of the world’s most famous landmarks

The challenge with this special medal is to complete 80k (50 miles) by the end of January 2018. It’s okay keep reading. That’s less than 12 miles a month – remember it’s your race, your rules, so you do the mileage when it fits in with your busy life.

This ‘race’ is a great way to continue your exercise through Christmas and the New Year – when it can be the most challenging.

You can choose to take the whole five months to complete the 80K or finish in a fortnight – whatever suits your commitments and ability – that’s the beauty of virtual races, it’s always ‘Your Race, Your Rules’

On receipt of your proof I’ll send you this superb, unique, limited edition medal.

Ready to take on the challenge? Enter here.

#TeamVRC First Virtual Race

Photo Credit: TeamVRC

#TeamVRC Inaugural Virtual Race was held during July 2017 and members have so far travelled over 500Km! 

All you have to do is run 5k or 10k over a month – any month you choose – and in return you receive this beautiful unique #TeamVRC medal. 

This is #TeamVRC’s first ever medal, so stocks are limited and once they’re gone, they’ll never be replenished, so if you want to start your collection please do so now.

Enter Here

Global Running Day – 7 June 2017

TeamVRC pledged to run their first Virtual Race on Global Running Day on 7th June 2017. Collectively we ran 125 miles and found pledging is a superb motivator. Go #TeamVRC

Log your run via the TeamVRC Strava Page

Share your running journeys in the Facebook group. Everyone welcome!